Day 279

The great thing about Jamaica is I can be barefoot all the time

I can be barefoot while I’m walking and I can barefoot when I rhyme

I can be barefoot while I’m getting food or while getting a smoothie drink

I can be barefoot in all places, some that you wouldn’t even think

I really like the feeling of wearing no shoes on my feet

It’s such a freeing feeling and in January’s such a treat

I’m going to have to get used to wearing shoes again real soon

But right now I’m walking barefoot underneath the moon


Day 275

Right now it is January and I’m wearing flip flops on my feet

While sitting on a very comfortable limo seat

Actually, it’s more like a limo bus that has anything you could think

Including lots of strobe lights and a little tiny sink

I’m headed to the airport now with kids who are so excited they could burst

Going to Jamaica for all of us is a first