Day 193

Today’s my sisters birthday, now she’s 24 years old
She’s the kind of person who is always freezing cold
She wears sweatshirts in the summer and blankets while outside
She’s usually wrapped in three of them when she gives my dad a ride
It’s always a constant battle with how high she wants the heat
And she’ll tell you I never put it on when she sits in my front seat
Sometimes I would leave it off when we drove to school together
Because she always wanted it on no matter what the weather
Looking back on that now it seems a little bit insane
Now my sister has a blanket with a picture of Lil Wayne
It’s a blanket that she wears around the house sometimes like a cape
While she’s eating her rice krispies or a bowl of juicy grapes
Well tonight I’m sure she’s celebrating and complaining about the cold
But happy birthday Jessica, Enjoy being 24 years old


Day 13

It’s cold and I’m freezing and don’t know what to do
It’s cold and I’m freezing- my lips are turning blue
My teeth are a chatter, my toes are all numb
I’ve lost complete feeling in my right handed thumb
My nose feels like ice and my ears are bright red
How I wish I was home covered up in my bed
I’m seriously worried my face will freeze in this pout
If someone doesn’t open this freezer and let me on out