Day 193

Today’s my sisters birthday, now she’s 24 years old
She’s the kind of person who is always freezing cold
She wears sweatshirts in the summer and blankets while outside
She’s usually wrapped in three of them when she gives my dad a ride
It’s always a constant battle with how high she wants the heat
And she’ll tell you I never put it on when she sits in my front seat
Sometimes I would leave it off when we drove to school together
Because she always wanted it on no matter what the weather
Looking back on that now it seems a little bit insane
Now my sister has a blanket with a picture of Lil Wayne
It’s a blanket that she wears around the house sometimes like a cape
While she’s eating her rice krispies or a bowl of juicy grapes
Well tonight I’m sure she’s celebrating and complaining about the cold
But happy birthday Jessica, Enjoy being 24 years old


Day 90

My sister recently told me she had something important to say
And that I might be offended but not to take it that way
I became a bit intrigued but mostly I was wary
I didn’t know what she had to say but thought it might be scary
When she turned to look at me gathering thoughts inside her head
“You’re weird” is what she blurted out and that was all she said
I just kind of stared at her and said “that’s nothing new”
“But if I had to pick the weirdest girl that’d definitely be you”
“You’re wrong” She tried to tell me “You’re way weirder than me”
The conversation went back and forth, we never did agree
I guess both of us are kinda weird but for us I think it works
There’s no such thing as normal, everyone has their quirks
So the way I’ve come to see it is there’s no reason to change
Everyone in this entire world is just a little strange

Day 68

My sister stole my shoes, she took my favorite pair
When I went to leave my house I had no shoes to wear
So I walked right out the door without shoes on my feet
Hoping she might have left them outside on the street
It wouldn’t be the first time and for sure wouldn’t be the last
She’s left a pair of my moms shoes out there in the past
But my shoes could not be found and they were the only pair I had
So when I realized my sister took them it made me pretty mad
But until she brought them back there was nothing I could do
Besides go to the store and buy a pair brand new

Day 61

In honor of father’s day I have a story to share

About a time my family went on a trip somewhere

I believe it was Wisconsin, the destination was far

To get there we spent almost a day in the car

It was an eventful vacation, mostly for my dad

Who had some luck you might just call bad

While kayaking my dad fell out of his boat

Wearing a life jacket helped keep him afloat

My moms reaction was to stand near the water and yell

As his glasses sank down in the lake where he fell

My dad was soaked, no part of him was dry

This was hysterically funny to my sister and I

His glasses were gone, in the lake they would stay

So eventually we continued on with our day

Nothing else happened until the very next night

When we went outside in the pitch black light

We walked down the stairs in the pouring rain

Where my dad suddenly slipped and cried out in pain

My mom and my brother helped him hobble inside

Now this really topped the eventful boat ride

His foot was broken and on crutches my dad was a sight

My sister and I couldn’t stop laughing again try as we might

Laughing at him might sound like a mean thing to do

But this trip is something he definitely laughs about to

Thinking about these times sure make me glad

That I have who I do for my one and only dad