Day 290

Matilda was my favorite book when I was a kid
Reading it over and over again was something that I did
Man of the House was my favorite movie, starring JTT
When I went to Blockbuster that was all I wanted to see
Mmmbop by Hanson, was my favorite song
Whenever I played it for my cousins, they always sang it wrong
Boy Meets World was definitely a favorite show of mine
When watching some of the episodes I can still recite them line by line
All of those are things that I’ll still read, watch, or listen to when I can
They might be from when I was a kid but I’ll forever be a fan


Day 128

I miss Boy Meets World, it was my favorite show

I’ve seen every episode and there’s dialogue I know

I’m not ashamed to admit it because I’m a big fan

I try to catch reruns whenever I can

I own DVDs but not all of them just yet

There’s still some more seasons that I need to get

I loved all the characters and followed every story

I’d tune in every Friday to watch Topanga, Shawn, and Cory

I wanted a teacher like Mr. Feeny, he followed them through life

From the very beginning to after Topanga became Cory’s wife

The show was really funny and the characters had great things to say

My favorite quote was Shawn saying an Eskimo would always stand in his way

Or when Mr. Feeny tells them all to go out in the world and do good

That’s what I hope to do and believe all people should

Writing this poem has made me want to watch an episode or two

So I think I’m going to end it here and that’s what I’ll go do