Day 51

I’m going a little bit crazy, I think I’m losing my mind
I can’t keep track of anything, everything’s so hard to find
I left my keys in my bathtub and found my socks on the fan
I should probably get them down from there but am not sure that I can
For now I’ll turn the fan on and watch it spin around
Who knows what else is up there or what else just might be found
I poured water in my cereal and trapped my right toe in the drain
My toe was really stuck in there screaming out in pain
I failed to find a class online that I desperately need to take
I tried to water my only plant before realizing it was fake
I tripped over nothing and dropped teriyaki sauce all over the rug
Not to mention while outside I saw the most gigantic bug
The bug chased me for a while up and down the street
By the time I was finally home again I was feeling pretty beat
So I think I need to go to sleep, I’m actually sure I do
But I really hope today’s been going a whole lot better for you


Day 8

I’m having a bad day, it’s one for the books
Things are going wrong everywhere I look
First thing this morning I walked into a wall
I reached out my hands and tried not to fall
But what did I touch? My mom’s favorite vase
Then I promptly fell over right on my face
Oh man I thought, that could have been bad
If that had broken mom sure would be mad
Just as that thought entered my head
It shattered in pieces and rolled under the bed
I’m having a bad day and it’s just getting worse
I just can’t believe it, this must be a curse
I lost my left shoe and tripped down a stair
My sisters chewed gum got stuck in my hair
Running outside I got hit on the head
It’s one of those days I should’ve just stayed in bed