Day 84

I hate it when I pile too much stuff up on my bed
When all I wanna do is have my pillow meet my head
It’s not a very good system to move the pile to the floor
Cause after waking in the morning I put it back once more
I wish that I could clean up by giving my fingers just a snap
It would really come in handy for times I plan to nap
I’d love to have that power just like Sabrina the Teenage Witch
Or even Samantha Stephens whose nose just had to twitch
But since I can’t do either and don’t have a spell that I can say
I’ll have to work on cleaning my bed the boring mortal way


Day 46

My brother’s on vacation, so today I explored his room

His floor is piled high with things, it’s like he’s never seen a broom

There’s clothes in every corner and dishes under the bed

His desk is overflowing with every book he’s ever read

His garbage can is useless, in fact it’s nowhere to be seen

I don’t know if it’s possible to make his bedroom clean

There’s apple cores in his dresser and containers of fried rice

I wouldn’t be surprised if soon his room attracted mice

I didn’t explore too long, his room had a funky smell

What it was exactly, well I couldn’t really tell

I’m surprised that he’s so messy, where could he have ever got that gene

Although I guess looking at my own room you’d probably never call it clean