Day 181

I went to a Target that opened just a few days before                                                            It really is nice you should go take a tour
The store was quite empty, almost no one was there
Now’s the time to get groceries or clothes you can to wear
Target has everything you ever could need
From fishing gear to ottomans to books you can read
Where else could I get a laminator and pickles, those are just two items I bought
Thankfully the laminator wasn’t as expensive as I had thought
When I go into a Target I can wander a long while
Just randomly going up and down any aisle
Like tonight I had a hard time buying my things and just getting out
Every new aisle I went down showed me an exciting new route
It’s probably not the best habit, I spend more money when I just roam
I really should just get what I need and then head for home


Day 69

Gracie can be picky depending on her mood
She isn’t always willing to try all kinds of food
Depending on the time of day Gracie can be fickle
But not when it comes to eating just any kind of pickle
Gracie is a pickle lover just as much as me
A big juicy pickle is her favorite thing to see
She’ll ask for lots in restaurants and eat them one by one
And then continue ordering more when she is all done
Gracie can eat pickles every day and every night
And when she eats them all she savors every bite
To Gracie eating pickles always sounds nice
No matter if it’s a kosher dill or a large sandwich slice