Day 110

This morning I watched the discus throw
The athletes competing put on quite a show
I think it would be amazing to have that kind of arm strength
And to be able to throw objects across such great lengths
If you had strength like that just imagine what you could do
All kinds of crazy ideas might come to you
Like lifting up cars right over your head
Or juggling furniture like a couch or a bed
You might decide instead of your legs you’ll walk on your arms
Or become a superhero saving people from harm
I’m beginning to think I better start lifting more weights
And maybe one day I’ll compete against some of the greats


Day 96

I’m starting to get excited about watching the summer games
I’ve been reading all about them trying to learn the athletes names
The Olympics only come around once every four years
For athletes all the training must be worth the sweat, and tears
Michael Phelps holds a record because he’s fast when he swims
So this year while in London all eyes will be on him
He’s the only olympic name I can remember at this time
But all the summer athletes are competing in their prime
The Olympic opening ceremony is still a few days away
And I’m interested to hear what fans will have to say
So I have to wait a little more until the games are finally here
But when they are I’m ready to watch them all and cheer
Actually I can’t watch all the sports, there’s really a whole lot
I’ll definitely watch a lot of them but there’s some that I will not