Day 275

Right now it is January and I’m wearing flip flops on my feet

While sitting on a very comfortable limo seat

Actually, it’s more like a limo bus that has anything you could think

Including lots of strobe lights and a little tiny sink

I’m headed to the airport now with kids who are so excited they could burst

Going to Jamaica for all of us is a first


Day 6

 Today I faced one of my biggest fears
Seeing it up close almost brought me to tears
It’s something that makes my blood run cold
And It has ever since I was 12 years old
Thinking about it makes my head really itch
And causes parts of my body to twitch
I’d wear a hat everyday or even a hood
If school allowed that you know that I would
Now my hair must go up in a ponytail or braid
As I wait for this outbreak of grossness to fade
Working with kids is usually pretty nice
Except when they come into class with lice