Day 290

Matilda was my favorite book when I was a kid
Reading it over and over again was something that I did
Man of the House was my favorite movie, starring JTT
When I went to Blockbuster that was all I wanted to see
Mmmbop by Hanson, was my favorite song
Whenever I played it for my cousins, they always sang it wrong
Boy Meets World was definitely a favorite show of mine
When watching some of the episodes I can still recite them line by line
All of those are things that I’ll still read, watch, or listen to when I can
They might be from when I was a kid but I’ll forever be a fan


Day 83

I’m a huge Hanson fan and I say that with pride
My feelings for them are not something I hide
I fell in love with them first when I was 11 years old
Since then 16 million of their records have sold
The band became huge with their hit song MMMBop
It climbed up the charts reaching up to the top
But Hanson’s been busy since the year ’97
And they’ve really grown up since I was 11
They’ve made lots of great music and continue to tour
And hopefully for years will be making lots more
Seeing them live is always a treat
With Taylor on keyboards and Zac keeping the beat
After seeing a concert I always can’t wait to go back
To see another show starring Issac, Taylor, and Zac