Day 118

My cousin Ali lives in Boston and I’d love to visit her there
I’m always on the lookout to buy some cheap airfare
I keep telling her I’m coming but I know she doesn’t think that’s true
I’ve been saying it for years now and then I never really do
It’s not cause I don’t want to, of course Boston is a place I’d love to be
And my cousin Ali is someone I’d really love to see
But for one reason or another it hasn’t worked out just yet
Ali would say I’m never coming if she had to place a bet
But Ali if you’re reading this I hope you keep believing me when I say
I intend to keep my promise and will make it there one day


Day 67

I want to travel the world and I’m trying to do it for free
There’s just so many places that I really hope to see
I’m busy entering contests, hoping that I’ll win
So I can travel to all the places that I’ve never been
I’ve entered to go to Australia, Denmark, and Peru
I want to explore all the sights and experience something new
Like visiting Eithiopia, and seeing Greece or Rome
Going where the contests take me and then coming back on home
I’d even be happy traveling somewhere that’s not so far
Like Albuquerque or Wyoming which you can get to in a car
The price for traveling around the world is usually pretty steep
But winning a few contests would make it super cheap