Day 97

My dad has a baby tooth that’s never come out
I don’t think that it will or I at least have my doubts
Most people lose all their teeth by age eight or nine
At least that’s the age that I lost all of mine
My first tooth fell out when I was just six
To make it come out I tried all of the tricks
Including tying string to both my tooth and a door
And hoping when I slammed it my tooth would fall to the floor
But that didn’t work, it stayed in my mouth safe and sound
Until eating pizza one night it fell right on the ground
Quickly after that more teeth started to fall
And in the next couple of years I lost them all
But my dad still hasn’t and at his age that’s rare
But that doesn’t bother him, he really doesn’t care


Day 87

My brother really hates it when you brush your teeth in front of him
He hates it even more if I brush mine on a whim
He honestly can’t stand it, watching other people brush
Whenever he sees that happen he runs away in a crazy rush
Sometimes I like to brush my teeth while walking around the house
Making my brother run from me like a cat chasing a mouse
He’ll even grab his blanket and pull it up over his head
Trying to get away from me by hiding in his bed
I should probably mention that he keeps his own mouth clean
He just thinks that brushing teeth is not something to be seen
But I think the time has come to help him conquer his strange fear
Which is way I plan to brush my teeth now whenever he is near
I know that watching things like this will probably make him squirm
And honestly I think instead he’d rather eat a worm