Day 168

Sarah’s afraid of squirrels or at least that’s what I heard
She’s also not particularly fond of any kind of bird
The other day she was out walking, briskly down the street                                            When in her path she saw a squirrel and tried hard to retreat                                            But the squirrel seemed to follow her and stared with one small eye                             Making Sarah look around for another way to get on by                                                      But she couldn’t find one and didn’t want to cause a scene                                                  In her head she begged for someone to come and intervene                                         Maybe distract the squirrel so she could get away                                                             But that really never happened so in her spot she had to stay                                             So Sarah gathered up her courage and tried to sneak on by                                              But the squirrel lunged right for her making Sarah let out a cry                                         She had only made it as far as the closest tree                                                              When the squirrel reached her leg and scurried across her knee                                 That’s when Sarah started screaming and she screamed rather loud                         Attracting others attention and bringing in a crowd                                                          Sarah really hates squirrels and this made her hate them more than words can say        And now whenever she sees them she’s sure to turn the other way


Day 32

( I realize it’s not Sarah’s Birthday but I can’t think tonight)

Sarah you’ve been around for 18 whole years
And along with aging comes lots of new fears
Like worrying about getting a ridiculous gobble
The loosening of your neck, making skin wobble
That’s a legitimate concern and you know it’s one of mine
And even if people tell you your neck will be fine
That’s something no one can really ever know
A gobble could appear fast or could come on a bit slow
I’m not saying it’s going to happen tomorrow or even at all
Especially if you peck out your neck while standing up tall
You’ve never seen a gobble on a giraffe
Now that’s a sight that would sure make you laugh
But because they straighten their necks and hold them up high
The gobble’s just pass them all right on by
So think giraffe not turkey and hope for the best
Pecking it out will take care of the rest
But don’t worry too much, at least not for 64 years
Till then we’lll both have to control our sagging neck fears
So take my advice and listen to what I have to say
And have the most excellent of all 18th birthday