Day 82

I love when people are genuinely kind
It’s a quality that can sometimes be hard to find
Yesterday I met a cab driver who was amazingly nice
When we asked for a ride he didn’t think twice
He just said of course he’d be happy to drive
Even though he was done working at five
And while driving he had to listen to us blab
While the three of us sat in the back of his cab
Occasionally he chimed in with a comment or two
I wish I knew his name to recommend him to you
But he got us to the concert to see Kenny and Tim
And now all future drivers will be compared to him
It’s funny how something small can change your whole day
It just goes to show that kindness can go a long way


Day 16

Everyone is special, everyone has their own thing that they do
Take time to listen and maybe you’ll learn something new
Be nice to everyone that you might come across
Like your family, your friends or your not so nice boss
Be open to people, be nice, and be kind
Learn lots from others, you never know what you’ll find
Everyone is different, not one person’s the same
So don’t judge by appearance or by somebody’s name
Please be nice to your neighbors, be nice to your friends
Be nice in the morning, be nice when night ends
Be nice to your father, be nice to your mother
Be nice to your sister, be nice to your brother
Be nice to your teacher, be nice to your dog
Be nice to your cousins and the ants on a log
Be nice to everyone, take a second to smile
Make someone happy who’s been sad for a while
We can help change the world by just being kind
So as you go through the day please keep that in mind