Day 121

Tonight we finally celebrated all the graduates of the year

And all of them left the party fully stocked with lots of gear

Like duffel bags and towels, blankets and picture frames

And of course they each got checks written out in all their names

The graduates are all moving forward and going on to better things

But everyone’s excited to see what the future brings


Day 44

To the class of 2012, congrats to you all
I hope the next phase of your life is an absolute ball
You’re going to go on and accomplish great things
So don’t be afraid of what the future might bring
It can be kind of scary going out on your own
But you know that you’ll never be completely alone
Wherever you go and whatever you do
You have a whole lot of people who are rooting for you
Your life will be great even if sometimes it feels like a mess
But I’m sure things will work out and you’ll be a success
Remember no ones definition of success is the same
So don’t ever let anyone make you feel lame
Life might change in an instant, I’m sure that it can
So don’t worry too much about following a plan
No matter what happens or what you choose to go do
You have a whole lot of people believing in you