Day 197

Tonight way too much candy was had
Although I’m not saying I feel overly bad
But I also don’t feel overly great
I can’t even tell you all the candy I ate
I know there were mike and ikes, gummy bears, and one lollipop
And then the candy kept coming, it never did stop
At the time of consumption it all tasted real good
But if I had to do it again I don’t think that I would
It’s Halloween so everyone had said trick or treat
That’s why there was way too much candy to eat


Day 196

What should I be for Halloween?
I haven’t loved any costumes I’ve seen
A detective, a rhino, or maybe Thing 1
Or being Abe Lincoln sounds a little like fun
And kind of convenient, I already have the hat
So I might decide to go just as that
He was a good guy, you know honest and all
Plus he was incredibly tall
How this costume works out, I’ll just have to see
But what is everyone else going to be?