Day 130

I’ve wanted a new bike for quite a long while

A bike that would last for mile after mile

Something that was lightweight and easy to lift

And today I bought myself that as a gift

I got a great bike that also looks pretty cool

I’m excited to ride it near home and to school

Katie was looking for a bike too

She’s also been wanting one that was new

So we both found one we happened to like

And now Katie and I have the exact same bike


Day 48

Today on my bike I came across a banana peel
I swerved to avoid running it over with my wheel
But it got me wondering if what people say is true
Stepping on a banana peel, what would it actually do?
Would you really fall down with an ungraceful tumble
Or would it just startle you causing a stumble
I’ve never actually seen anyone slip on a peel
So how do I know what happens for real?
I guess it’s better to be safe when walking around
And avoid all banana peels you see on the ground
If you see the peel of an orange I think that’s ok
But I’m not entirely sure so don’t believe what I say