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Day 365!

It’s time to shout, it’s time to cheer
I’ve written a poem everyday for a year!
And maybe officially there’s nothing I get
Other then the satisfaction of winning this bet
But I think that satisfaction is very well earned
So let me just tell you a few things that I learned
First I learned it’s important to take life one day at a time
And that things are exciting when you think more in rhyme
It can be overwhelmingly daunting looking too far ahead
Making you want to do nothing but curl up in your bed
But never this year did I feel like I wouldn’t succeed
And now I’ve got 365 poems I can read
I also learned not to care so much what others might think
Some poems might be a hit while others might sink
At the beginning I was nervous to let people read the poems I would write
But that didn’t stop me from writing them night after night
I learned procrastination makes me stay up super late
Trying to cram a poem in before the end of the date
Sometimes I was pulling topics right out of the air
And many poems were finished with just seconds to spare
Thinking of topics kept me on my toes
And I learned just how fast a year really goes
I learned writing each day never once felt like a chore
And I plan to continue writing lots more
Maybe not a poem everyday but often enough
That my rhyming abilities won’t become rough
I’m so, so appreciative of my family and friends
Who have read all this poetry from the start to the end
I’ve loved this challenge and it sure has been fun
And now I can’t believe all 365 poems are all done


Day 364

Sometimes I wake up with rhymes inside my head
Rhymes that were not there before I went to bed
It’s becoming very common and is no longer very rare
That I wake up in the morning with a rhyme or two to share
Sometimes they’re ridiculous and sound a little bit insane
Enough that it makes me wonder about the rhyming in my brain
But it seems that since this poetry has taken so much of my time
My brain has become accustomed to automatically think in rhyme
Sometimes I even find myself rhyming when I speak
I really can not help it, I’ve become a rhyming geek

Day 363

Do you know that you’re the best?
Better than all the rest
At being exactly who you are
Being yourself will get you far
You’re the only one to know
Just how you want your life to go
So be conscious of the life you live
And when you can, try and give
A smile, kindness, or a hand
Not all gestures must be grand
Remember whatever it is you do
You’re the best because you’re you

Day 362

Why is it that the weekend always goes by so fast?
When all I want it to do is last and last and last
Saturdays and Sundays always pass in a blink
Suddenly it’s Monday morning before I can even think
Which means getting back to the daily grind
Making me wish I could just rewind
To start the weekend over again
And pausing it until who knows when
Although I guess if the weekend was every day
I might get bored of life that way

Day 361

Can you keep a secret if I whisper it in your ear?
Or will you shout it way out loud for all the world to hear?
Can you keep a secret? Do you promise not to tell?
Even if someone begs you or asks you with a yell?
Can you keep a secret? If I tell you one are you going to gasp in shock?
And will you zip your lips up tight and close them with a lock?
Can you keep a secret? And do you promise not to share?
Whatever it is I tell you, not even with the air
Can you keep a secret? I hope the answer’s yes
And know that you can come to me if you have a secret to confess

Day 360

This is a poem about poems, there are all different kinds
Some poems make you laugh while others open your mind
Some poems make you wonder, some poems make you dream
Some poems make you realize things are not as they seem
There are acrostic, limericks, and don’t forget a haiku
Try reading all kinds and you might learn something new

Day 359

Patrick prefers pizza, particularly pineapple                                                          Sarah sips soda, she sometimes sips Snapple
Eleanor eats everything except electrical eels
Marjorie makes many meatless morning meals
William wants waffles when wildly waiting                                                              Daniel devours doughnuts during doubly dating                                                       Colleen craves cookies, can’t consume chocolate chips                                                 Terry tries tofu, taking Tim’s tasting tips                                                                 Brian buys butter before Bob brings blueberry bread                                                   Rosie roasts radishes remembering recipes read                                                      Olivia owns olives, opening oodles                                                                             Norah never, needs nightly noodles                                                                       Grace gobbles grapes, grapes get Gracie gazing                                                  Abbie’s appetite allows apples, apples are always amazing                                          Writing this has been hard, I have to stop here with the letters                                     But one day I’ll come back and make this poem much better

Day 358

If I was a raindrop I’d fall gently from a cloud
And land on top of rooftops without being very loud
If I was a raindrop everyone would stop and stare
As I would change my colors while falling through the air
If I was a raindrop that fell during a storm
I would cool off summer nights that had been too warm
If I was a raindrop that fell during a drizzle
I would fall so stylishly and with a little sizzle
If I was a raindrop that fell during a sun shower
I would water gardens, helping seeds turn into flowers
If I was a raindrop I imagine all the fun I’d bring
And if I was a raindrop I’d fall often in the spring

Day 357

I tried to fly a kite, but it was a bust
It was like my flying skills were all covered in dust
Everytime the wind picked up the kite crashed to the ground
And the string that I was holding always came unwound
Occasionally for a minute the kite would hover in the air
But no matter what I tried the kite would not stay there
I became quite frustrated, something was not right
Who knew that it would be so hard to fly a little kite

Day 356

Deep down in the jungle lived a giant spotted frog
Hiding under a lily pad in a dark and smelly bog
The frog was being chased by six monkeys in the tree
The frog took off hopping away faster than a bumblebee
The spotted frog was getting nervous, why were the monkeys after him?
And what if they found him, do you think monkeys can swim?
The frog sat silently thinking and didn’t leave his hiding spot
But his slimey stomach was all tied in a knot
That’s when the frog decided, he couldn’t hide forever
And came up with a master plan that he thought was clever
He would gather mountains of bananas for the monkeys to eat
That they would forget about eating him for a jungle treat