Day 120

Growing up in Lincolnwood my cousin Josh was always there
My whole entire childhood he lived right down the stairs
We were always together almost every night and day
Hanging in the basement or the backyard where we’d play
We’d spend hours playing Captain Planet or being ninja turtles
And creating elaborate obstacles with hula hoops and hurdles
We’d practice plays with both our sisters and pretend we were on stage
And then make our parents watch the shows from a very young age
As we’ve gotten older we both are doing lots of different things
But we’ll still hang out together and I’ll go watch him while he sings
Once he made me watch a show which he said was modern dance
And last year we even met for dinner while both in Paris, France
So Happy Birthday to my cousin, I wish you many more
And thanks for all the fun we had when you lived below my floor


Day 116

I love Andy Grammer, he’s a favorite of mine
He’s totally worth waiting in this long line
He played tonight with Mat Kearney and Train
It was outdoors at Ravinia so I’m glad it didn’t rain
Andy was great, just like he always is
Tonight was my third concert of his
And every time I see him it’s always a blast
But his concerts for me go by way too fast
The best thing about Andy is he’s so genuinely nice
At least that’s what I think from meeting him twice
Listening to his music his positivity comes through
Being that positive is what we should all try to do
Andy has so many great songs, I love Fine By Me
I hope he comes again soon, he’s one I’ll always go see

Day 93

I know a great band that you all should check out
They play a lively version of Twist and Shout
But that’s not all, they have a whole list of songs
That will get you up dancing and singing along
The band’s the Empty Pockets and they really are good
So if you get the chance to see them you definitely should

Day 83

I’m a huge Hanson fan and I say that with pride
My feelings for them are not something I hide
I fell in love with them first when I was 11 years old
Since then 16 million of their records have sold
The band became huge with their hit song MMMBop
It climbed up the charts reaching up to the top
But Hanson’s been busy since the year ’97
And they’ve really grown up since I was 11
They’ve made lots of great music and continue to tour
And hopefully for years will be making lots more
Seeing them live is always a treat
With Taylor on keyboards and Zac keeping the beat
After seeing a concert I always can’t wait to go back
To see another show starring Issac, Taylor, and Zac

Day 82

I love when people are genuinely kind
It’s a quality that can sometimes be hard to find
Yesterday I met a cab driver who was amazingly nice
When we asked for a ride he didn’t think twice
He just said of course he’d be happy to drive
Even though he was done working at five
And while driving he had to listen to us blab
While the three of us sat in the back of his cab
Occasionally he chimed in with a comment or two
I wish I knew his name to recommend him to you
But he got us to the concert to see Kenny and Tim
And now all future drivers will be compared to him
It’s funny how something small can change your whole day
It just goes to show that kindness can go a long way

Day 81

Kenny Chesney and Tim McGraw are playing live tonight

I’m excited to have them both in my sight
The tickets were bought ages ago
And I’ve been anxiously waiting to see this show
It’s the Brothers of the Sun tour and it’s the only night they’re here
This is the kind of concert you wait for all year
My cowboy boots are ready and sitting on my feet
I’m totally committed to wearing them in this heat
The concert starts real early and I’m sure it will be great
But I really have to go now so I won’t be running late

Day 74

When bands I love come in to town I always have to go
To me there’s nothing more exciting than seeing a live show
So when I heard Train was coming I jumped up at the chance
To travel to Milwaukee to watch them sing and dance
It was completely worth it, Train was just that good
And I could see them perfectly standing where I stood
They played all of their classics and all their new hits too
Including hey soul sister and the song called I’ve got you
But Meet Virginia was probably my favorite song of the show
It’s a song I fell in love with so many years ago
Out of all the concerts I’ve been to, this was one of the best
And I hope they come back next year to play at Summerfest

Day 60

I love a good bargain, I love a good steal
There’s nothing much better than finding a deal
I especially love it when music’s on sale
And if I find a great tune I’ll buy without fail
It’s exciting for me to watch my music library grow
As I add in new songs that I didn’t always know
I’ll buy music on itunes or even cds at the store
Even if most people don’t really do that anymore
I search for new music wherever I can
I really can’t help it, I’m a big music fan

Day 45

Tonight I went to Mayfest even though it’s June
I walked 3 miles to get there underneath the moon
By the time I arrived, the fest had quite the crowd
A polka band was playing and it was pretty loud
Polka’s a kind of music that I haven’t heard before
And after hearing it tonight I don’t need to any more
I was only interested in hearing a couple polka songs
I left after two or three of them, I didn’t stay too long
But tonight was just the start of all the summer fests
I plan to go to more of them to see which one’s the best

Day 15

The band the Empty Pockets
Want to play for you
They will play just anywhere
Even at the zoo
Listen to their music and enjoy the sound
Whenever you do hear it
You’ll get up and dance around
Josh, Erika, Nate, and Danny, that is them by name
Soon you’ll hear them everywhere
As they find success and fame