Day 86

Well tonight I completed another great run
I think it’s the fourth one this summer I’ve done
It was 5 miles long otherwise known as 8k
And we celebrated the holiday called Bastille Day
It was Allie’s first race since being back on her feet
And after crossing the start line she sped off down the street
I had no desire to try and run at her speed
Out of our little group she was definitely in the lead
She ran 7 1/2 minute miles which I think is fast
You’d never have guessed she spent so much time in a cast
But all three of us finished and didn’t care at what place
Overall I’d say it was a pretty great race


Day 33

Yesterday Katie and I ran the color run
It was one of the stranger races we’ve done
Everyone started the race just wearing white
Eyeing the start line was an interesting sight
People would throw paint as we ran on by
It covered our clothes and was real quick to dry
The color also covered both of our faces
It turned out to be one of the most fun races
The paint was harder to clean off than you might think
But it was totally worth being covered in yellow, green, purple, and pink

Day 23

My knee is really throbbing, it feels like it might burst
The feeling’s getting stronger now, the pain is at its worst
There’s really nothing I can do besides complain and moan
And hope for the pain to go away completely on its own
So right now I sit here unhappily in pain
And try not to let my knee make me feel insane

Day 12

Yesterday I completed a half marathon run
The number of miles was 13 point 1
I went down south to run the race
Nashville was a pretty cool place
But Chicago didn’t prepare me for Nashville’s hills
The last few miles became a battle of wills
My feet were all blistered and both were in pain
It helped listening to Kenny, Keith Urban, and Shania Twain
It was hot running in the beating sun
But overall the race was fun
Running was hard and the race was long
Finishing it all made me feel strong
Later that night we saw Rodney Atkins play
And that was the end of a pretty great day