Day 12

Yesterday I completed a half marathon run
The number of miles was 13 point 1
I went down south to run the race
Nashville was a pretty cool place
But Chicago didn’t prepare me for Nashville’s hills
The last few miles became a battle of wills
My feet were all blistered and both were in pain
It helped listening to Kenny, Keith Urban, and Shania Twain
It was hot running in the beating sun
But overall the race was fun
Running was hard and the race was long
Finishing it all made me feel strong
Later that night we saw Rodney Atkins play
And that was the end of a pretty great day

Day 11

I’m a little too tired for all I have to say
It’s been a real long and eventful day
Tomorrow I promise to write more
But right now my feet are rather sore
So tomorrow I’ll write a longer poem
When I leave Nashville and head for home