Day 285

My feet really hurt from wearing heels all night
They weren’t too big or too small, they fit just right
I’m just not used to wearing high heels
I’d have been more graceful wearing shoes with wheels
Walking in them outside almost made me fall
I thought getting into the party I’d soon have to crawl
Falling on ice would probably have caused me some harm
But luckily I saw Barry who offered his arm
And so I made it into the party without falling on ice
For the wedding reception of Josh and Erika, we were celebrating twice
The party was great, everyone seemed to have fun
And I’m glad wearing heels for the night is finally all done


Day 279

The great thing about Jamaica is I can be barefoot all the time

I can be barefoot while I’m walking and I can barefoot when I rhyme

I can be barefoot while I’m getting food or while getting a smoothie drink

I can be barefoot in all places, some that you wouldn’t even think

I really like the feeling of wearing no shoes on my feet

It’s such a freeing feeling and in January’s such a treat

I’m going to have to get used to wearing shoes again real soon

But right now I’m walking barefoot underneath the moon

Day 76

My family and I debated today on where to go for lunch

Finally deciding on a place that we’d all been to a bunch

We drove over to the restaurant hurrying inside to escape the heat

And waited for the hostess to show us to our seats

After being led right to our table I slide inside the booth

And listened to Emily talk about becoming a kind of sleuth

Everyone was hungry but in a pleasant mood

And everything was going great while we waited for our food

When the food was ready, our waiter set down the tray

And was struck with a disaster when he moved it out of the way

The tray flipped right on over, spilling it’s burger, fries, and soup

Startling the waiter and and the whole large restaurant group

My reflexes were quick as I leapt out of my seat

But not before hot soup covered both my feet

The waiter felt quite horrible and was incredibly concerned

He was very, very worried about how bad my feet were burned

At first the pain didn’t register so all I could do was laugh

And suddenly was surrounded by many restaurant staff

The manager had come running out in a flash

It seemed the whole restaurant was concerned with the crash

Well except for Gracie who just kept right on eating

She didn’t even noticed when we rearranged the seating

My clothes were not just covered in soup but veggie burger too

So the waiter went back and brought out food that was new

Now my feet kind of hurt but I’m sure that they’ll heal

But it’s a real painful way to get a free meal

Day 71

No matter what I did today my shoe would not stay put
This morning while I was driving it fell right off my foot
What I did was panic and that’s no good behind the wheel
But suddenly I was driving with only my right heel
I was wearing flip flops and one got stuck under the gas
I tried hard to slow down so other cars would pass
But the pedal became stuck and was really hard to press
I terrifyingly wondered how I would get out of this mess
My left foot finally succeeded in getting my car to stop
But now I’ll be rethinking wearing shoes that flip and flop

Day 54

You’ll never guess what happened to me
The other day I was stung by a bee
I was outside playing with the kids at school
When I started jumping around like a fool
The bee stung my foot, right on the sole
Where the stinger left behind a tiny little hole
The bee had landed between my foot and my shoe
And I crushed it without even meaning to
This was the 3rd bee sting that I’ve ever had
But this time the pain was especially bad
I should follow the lead of my awesome aunt Dee
Whose feet will never be stung by a bee
She keeps her feet covered from her heel to her toes
By only wearing real shoes wherever she goes

Day 53

Well I did it, I finished the half marathon run
it was probably one of the hardest races I’ve done
What made it difficult was the humidity and heat

But I finished the race with no blisters on my feet
Not hurting my feet, this time might be the first
Because when it comes to blisters I’ve had some of the worst

And even though it was hard I’m still happy I ran
I enjoy proving to myself that I can
I had to slow down cause it was too hot to run fast
But I thankfully wasn’t anywhere close to coming in last

Day 27

The blisters on my feet are healing
The skin on them has started peeling
Even the blister I have on my toe
I’m sure this is info you want to know
But the skin around them was dead and white
Looking at them all was a pretty gross sight
But they’re healing well now so I’m glad
Looking at them now is not so bad
I’m sure learning this was such a treat
You sure know lots about my feet

Day 14

Some people might say I’m obsessed with my feet
But I don’t talk about them to just everyone I meet
Feet are an important part of one’s day
My feet get me places both close and away
And even though I might be lacking an arch
I use my two feet to skillfully march
Sometimes feet smell, and not like a rose
But I still enjoy them way down to my toes
Sometimes the bottoms feel calloused and rough
That’s very common and makes me feel tough
But then I exfoliate often using a stone and a mask
It helps with the smoothness & is my favorite task
The great thing about feet is you set their pace
From slowly walking around to sprinting a race
My feet are used to pedal a bike
For climbing a mountain and taking a hike
My feet get me around, I’m glad I have two
Now my question is where do your feet take you?

Day 1

Here’s the start of my poem a day
I hope I have enough things to say
I’m doing this because I love to rhyme
And am looking for something to pass the time
They may be short, they may be sweet
They may even be about my feet
So I hope you’re ready to have some fun
Thanks for reading poem number one