Day 279

The great thing about Jamaica is I can be barefoot all the time

I can be barefoot while I’m walking and I can barefoot when I rhyme

I can be barefoot while I’m getting food or while getting a smoothie drink

I can be barefoot in all places, some that you wouldn’t even think

I really like the feeling of wearing no shoes on my feet

It’s such a freeing feeling and in January’s such a treat

I’m going to have to get used to wearing shoes again real soon

But right now I’m walking barefoot underneath the moon


Day 71

No matter what I did today my shoe would not stay put
This morning while I was driving it fell right off my foot
What I did was panic and that’s no good behind the wheel
But suddenly I was driving with only my right heel
I was wearing flip flops and one got stuck under the gas
I tried hard to slow down so other cars would pass
But the pedal became stuck and was really hard to press
I terrifyingly wondered how I would get out of this mess
My left foot finally succeeded in getting my car to stop
But now I’ll be rethinking wearing shoes that flip and flop

Day 68

My sister stole my shoes, she took my favorite pair
When I went to leave my house I had no shoes to wear
So I walked right out the door without shoes on my feet
Hoping she might have left them outside on the street
It wouldn’t be the first time and for sure wouldn’t be the last
She’s left a pair of my moms shoes out there in the past
But my shoes could not be found and they were the only pair I had
So when I realized my sister took them it made me pretty mad
But until she brought them back there was nothing I could do
Besides go to the store and buy a pair brand new

Day 63

My cousin Ellie told me she wears her snow boots to the beach
The ones that are bright purple with just a hint of peach
She told me they were stylish and that’s why she wears her boots
Then showed me all the pairs she has that match all her bathing suits
Wearing boots says Ellie, makes it easier to swim
They help her move way faster like a shark does with a fin
And wearing them in the water helps protect her feet
From all the hungry animals looking for a treat
Wearing boots in the summertime sounds insanely hot
But Ellie swears to me that it’s really actually not
Then I don’t believe her and ask if all of this is true
And that’s when Ellie said to me “I was tricking you!”