Day 88

The Slip ‘n Slide was invented in the year sixty one
And ever since then has provided hours of fun
Only kids are recommended to use it to slide
‘Cause it’s safer for them to use their bodies to glide
So I hadn’t been on one in a whole lot of years
Until I slid down one today to lots of loud cheers
It was impessively huge and the water was cold
But still fun for all no matter how old
I remember making my own slide back in the day
Using garbage bags and tape so my cousins could play
It never worked out which I bet you could guess
I was only successful in making my backyard a mess
But todays slip ‘n slide was a tarp and some soap
And everyone had a blast which of course was the hope


Day 49

The days are getting longer, the sun is shining bright
Right now it’s 7:30 and it doesn’t look like night
Kids are playing baseball at the park across the street
While crowds of people watch them from the comforts of their seats
The weather’s pretty warm out, there’s people everywhere
All strolling down the road like they haven’t got a care
Dogs are happily walking along trying not to bark
As fireflies light up the sky when the light turns to dark
These definitely all are signs that summer’s almost here
It’s just a few more days now until the best time of the year

Day 37

Tomorrow is Friday, It’s the end of the week
I’m super excited, I’m starting to freak
The end is coming, summer’s almost here
I’m counting the days until the end of the year
The weather’s getting warmer and the sun is shining bright
I’m really looking forward to cool summer nights
Especially seeing fireworks underneath the moon
Summer’s just around the corner, it will be here pretty soon