Day 131

I learned something shocking that I really need to tell

Zachary my brother, has never seen Saved by the Bell

He said it was on before his time and reminded me he’s eighteen

And that’s one of the reasons it’s a show he’s never seen

But I can’t believe he’s hasn’t seen any episodes, not even a single one

To me that’s unbelievable with how often the show’s rerun

It’s on TBS every morning and the entire series is on Netflix

So he can choose the season he wants to watch , I think there’s five or six

But every time I ask him he refuses saying no

Telling me he has no interest in watching this great show

I recently have decided I can’t let this go on being true

And before he leaves for college, watching Saved by the Bell is something he must do


Day 124

Swimming in the pool Annie raced her cousin Zack
They swam the length of the pool which was to the wall and back
And on the way across the water Zack was in the lead
But Annie was catching up to him as she increased her speed
One thing to remember is that compared to Annie Zack is tall
So of course he was the first one to finish and reach the wall
And when the race was over Zack said he felt something in his hand
He wasn’t sure what exactly but thought it was an animal that lived on land
Zack exclaimed to all of us “I think I just picked up a bird that’s dead”
“No way, it’s just a leaf” is what his cousin Patrick said
With a little closer inspection it turned out it was a chipmunk
It must have fallen in the water where sadly it had sunk
There was lots of screaming and also yells and shouts
While everyone in the water scrambled to get out
Everyone jumped out of the pool in a way that seemed lightning fast
No one wanted to be in the water and definitely not in there last
Patrick had to be the one to fish the animal out with a net
While Ellie commented on how she thought a chipmunk would make a good pet
When the animal came out of the water though the kids all said goodbye
And Zack declared he never wanted to touch a dead animal wet or dry