Day 102

A fly landed on my pillow right where I was about to lay my head
I quickly shooed it off but it still stayed on my bed
It took me by surprise and caused me to shout
I opened up my window trying to get it out
Instead it just continued to fly around my room
Never even flinching as I chased it with a broom
I think the fly is mocking me every time it lands
It’s stopped on my computer screen and on top of both my hands
It just keeps on flying around no matter what I try
I’ve never felt so defeated by such a little fly


Day 58

I’m lying on the ground right now¬†staring at the sky

Wondering what it’d be like if I could really fly

If I could I would fly away insanely far

And travel through the galaxy landing on a star

I’d visit all the constellations and tour the Milky Way

And maybe find a planet that I’d explore all day

I’d make a stop on Jupiter, Saturn, and then Neptune

And I’d end my grand adventure walking on the moon

So until there comes a day when I really can take flight

I’ll continue dreaming about it lying here at night