Day 125

My grandpa says he’s had such a wonderful life

And how lucky he was to have my grandma for a wife

He says she didn’t love cooking and wasn’t the best at the stove

And in her eighty-five years she never once drove

But together they explored the world both near and far

And spent their honeymoon traveling around in a car

Throughout all the years my grandparents family expanded

And all these years later it’s never disbanded

I’ve never seen two people more in love with each other

Then I did when I looked at my grandfather and mother

My grandpa believes it was fate the day he met Kay

And they exchanged wedding vows 63 years ago today

Grandpa and Grandma, 1949


Day 109

My grandpa got stuck in an elevator for the first time in his 85 years
My aunt was stuck inside with him looking close to tears
It was right after a wedding and everyone was heading out the door
My grandpa and some others were riding the elevator down a floor
It wasn’t just my grandpa and my aunt who got stuck inside
My cousin got stuck with them and so did his new bride
The two of them had been married only about ten minutes before
They stepped into the elevator and got trapped behind the door
To the outside it was funny, that this group would all get stuck
If you were superstitious though you might think that’s not great luck
Although I don’t believe that’s something they have to worry about
Even if the fire department had to come and let the whole group out
It was a memorable wedding moment for a couple that makes a great pair
But I think from here on out now they’ll both stick to taking stairs