Day 125

My grandpa says he’s had such a wonderful life

And how lucky he was to have my grandma for a wife

He says she didn’t love cooking and wasn’t the best at the stove

And in her eighty-five years she never once drove

But together they explored the world both near and far

And spent their honeymoon traveling around in a car

Throughout all the years my grandparents family expanded

And all these years later it’s never disbanded

I’ve never seen two people more in love with each other

Then I did when I looked at my grandfather and mother

My grandpa believes it was fate the day he met Kay

And they exchanged wedding vows 63 years ago today

Grandpa and Grandma, 1949


Day 1

Here’s the start of my poem a day
I hope I have enough things to say
I’m doing this because I love to rhyme
And am looking for something to pass the time
They may be short, they may be sweet
They may even be about my feet
So I hope you’re ready to have some fun
Thanks for reading poem number one