Day 291

I spent this snowy groundhog day out at Rustic Falls
Polyurethaning sills and ledges, trying to keep it off the walls
Gary made a new table and we all sat around it in new chairs
There also was a cabinet that had to be brought up the spiral stairs
Jeff and Matt tried to bring it up but it was way too hard to turn
And I think holding onto it made both of their hands burn
Spiral staircases aren’t that helpful when there’s furniture to move
It’s hard to get through all the turns and settle in a moving groove
So instead Jeff and Matt climbed up two ladders and both grabbed the cabinet to carry
Sasha and I watched them from below and it was more than a little scary
I was a little worried that the cabinet would somehow drop
But Dee and Patrick helped pull it up over the railing at the top
Now that cabinet is sitting nicely in the bathroom on the second floor
And I really hope they don’t have to move large cabinets anymore


Day 117

Marjorie’s stylish, she always looks good                                                                  When she said she’d get in the dunk tank I didn’t think that she would
But she climbed right on up there while wearing a dress
Not really caring she’d end up a soaked mess
People lined up to dunk her by throwing a ball
Hoping they’d hit the target which would cause her to fall
But the people throwing the balls weren’t doing overly well
Everytime they came close Marjorie would let out a yell
The water waiting below her was definitely not clean
There were things floating in it, some brown and some green
That’s what would greet her if she ever fell in
The gross murky water would cover her skin
Finally the target was hit smack dab in the middle
And Marjorie fell in, but only a little
She didn’t go under so her top half stayed dry
But she made others want to give the dunk tank a try
My mom was the next one to get in the tank
And by this time the water smelled pretty rank
She was dunked under getting completely all wet
I haven’t had the privilege of being in the dunk tank just yet
I’m so glad Marjorie did, I thought that was great
And I hope this poem that I promised was well worth the wait

Day 72

I have an uncle Eric who’s one of the strongest guys I know
Even when in pain he rarely lets it show
Recently he’s been sick and hasn’t been feeling well at all
But he’s still been hard at work for his camp called Rustic Falls
It’s amazing how he keeps on going and perseveres right on through
Coming up with new ideas and things he wants to do
Right now he has to take a break from work that he finds fun
Like digging holes for waterfalls and moving rocks that weigh a ton
Eric is someone you might describe as being a go-getter
And with his camp he’s definitely making this world a little better

Day 56

We’re having a fair, It’s going to be great
We hope you can come, so please save the date
It’s this coming Sunday, the 17th of June
We hope you can join us for a fun afternoon
Bring your friends, see the camp, we’ll give you a tour
There’s going to be music and games and a whole lot more
Young or old, this fair is a great time for all
We hope to see you Sunday at Rustic Falls