Day 35

There were a whole lot of years where I wouldn’t wear a dress
And where I’d leave the house looking completely a mess
I’d wear too large clothing, my hair would barely be brushed
I’d go outside looking like I was always being rushed
Honestly though I couldn’t tell you the reason
Why I never dressed up no matter the season
I’d only wear sweatshirts or t-shirts with jeans
That was the standard look through my teens
I’ll still dress like that, don’t get me wrong
It makes getting ready not take quite so long
But now these days I seem to actually care
And I pay way more attention to what I do wear

Day 20

What can I buy at the grocery store?
Vegetables, juice and fruit galore
What should I buy when I shop?
Make a list start at the top
Apple, oranges, milk, and cheese
Broccoli, bread, and candy- please
Lets get going, it’s time to start
We might even need 2 shopping carts!