Day 53

Well I did it, I finished the half marathon run
it was probably one of the hardest races I’ve done
What made it difficult was the humidity and heat

But I finished the race with no blisters on my feet
Not hurting my feet, this time might be the first
Because when it comes to blisters I’ve had some of the worst

And even though it was hard I’m still happy I ran
I enjoy proving to myself that I can
I had to slow down cause it was too hot to run fast
But I thankfully wasn’t anywhere close to coming in last


Day 52

I’m running a half marathon and I’m a little bit scared
I’m running tomorrow and I’m not well prepared
My feet might end blistered and my knees just might ache
Who knows how long running 13.1 miles will take
But when the race starts I plan to just take off and go
Hopefully running fast and not overly slow
It’s gonna be hot running right in the sun
So please wish me luck on finishing this run