Day 275

Right now it is January and I’m wearing flip flops on my feet

While sitting on a very comfortable limo seat

Actually, it’s more like a limo bus that has anything you could think

Including lots of strobe lights and a little tiny sink

I’m headed to the airport now with kids who are so excited they could burst

Going to Jamaica for all of us is a first


Day 93

I know a great band that you all should check out
They play a lively version of Twist and Shout
But that’s not all, they have a whole list of songs
That will get you up dancing and singing along
The band’s the Empty Pockets and they really are good
So if you get the chance to see them you definitely should

Day 15

The band the Empty Pockets
Want to play for you
They will play just anywhere
Even at the zoo
Listen to their music and enjoy the sound
Whenever you do hear it
You’ll get up and dance around
Josh, Erika, Nate, and Danny, that is them by name
Soon you’ll hear them everywhere
As they find success and fame