Day 97

My dad has a baby tooth that’s never come out
I don’t think that it will or I at least have my doubts
Most people lose all their teeth by age eight or nine
At least that’s the age that I lost all of mine
My first tooth fell out when I was just six
To make it come out I tried all of the tricks
Including tying string to both my tooth and a door
And hoping when I slammed it my tooth would fall to the floor
But that didn’t work, it stayed in my mouth safe and sound
Until eating pizza one night it fell right on the ground
Quickly after that more teeth started to fall
And in the next couple of years I lost them all
But my dad still hasn’t and at his age that’s rare
But that doesn’t bother him, he really doesn’t care


Day 61

In honor of father’s day I have a story to share

About a time my family went on a trip somewhere

I believe it was Wisconsin, the destination was far

To get there we spent almost a day in the car

It was an eventful vacation, mostly for my dad

Who had some luck you might just call bad

While kayaking my dad fell out of his boat

Wearing a life jacket helped keep him afloat

My moms reaction was to stand near the water and yell

As his glasses sank down in the lake where he fell

My dad was soaked, no part of him was dry

This was hysterically funny to my sister and I

His glasses were gone, in the lake they would stay

So eventually we continued on with our day

Nothing else happened until the very next night

When we went outside in the pitch black light

We walked down the stairs in the pouring rain

Where my dad suddenly slipped and cried out in pain

My mom and my brother helped him hobble inside

Now this really topped the eventful boat ride

His foot was broken and on crutches my dad was a sight

My sister and I couldn’t stop laughing again try as we might

Laughing at him might sound like a mean thing to do

But this trip is something he definitely laughs about to

Thinking about these times sure make me glad

That I have who I do for my one and only dad