Day 127

I let Norah paint my nails even though she’s only three

And while painting she was neater than I could ever be

She was very careful and made sure to cover every spot

And the time she took to paint them really was a lot

I rarely paint my nails but Norah asked me if she could

And when she was all done with them they looked pretty good

So now I have peach polish on my fingers and sparkly purple on each toe

And I’ve been getting comments on them everywhere I go

Norah, getting dolled up


Day 89

Norah’s cousin Sasha is her very best friend

When they get together they love to play pretend
Norah will do her make-up and play with Sasha’s hair
The two of them together make quite the happy pair
Sometimes they watch Tangled, even though it’s a movie they’ve both seen
They also love to sing along to Taylor Swift performing Mean
Dressing up as royalty they pretend to sit down on a throne
Norah thinks that Sasha is the coolest girl she’s ever known
That feeling goes both ways, Sasha thinks Norah’s cool too
And together they have fun no matter what they do