Day 70

I haven’t seen my roommate in a whole lot of days
Both of us keep going our own seperate ways
We don’t see each other often because of the schedules that we keep
When I’m awake during the day she’s usually asleep
I leave for work in the morning while she leaves late at night
And comes home the next day in the mid morning light
For how long we haven’t seen each other she might as well have been in Rome
But I think tonight is the night when we’ll both be awake and home


Day 58

I’m lying on the ground right now staring at the sky

Wondering what it’d be like if I could really fly

If I could I would fly away insanely far

And travel through the galaxy landing on a star

I’d visit all the constellations and tour the Milky Way

And maybe find a planet that I’d explore all day

I’d make a stop on Jupiter, Saturn, and then Neptune

And I’d end my grand adventure walking on the moon

So until there comes a day when I really can take flight

I’ll continue dreaming about it lying here at night