Day 285

My feet really hurt from wearing heels all night
They weren’t too big or too small, they fit just right
I’m just not used to wearing high heels
I’d have been more graceful wearing shoes with wheels
Walking in them outside almost made me fall
I thought getting into the party I’d soon have to crawl
Falling on ice would probably have caused me some harm
But luckily I saw Barry who offered his arm
And so I made it into the party without falling on ice
For the wedding reception of Josh and Erika, we were celebrating twice
The party was great, everyone seemed to have fun
And I’m glad wearing heels for the night is finally all done


Day 120

Growing up in Lincolnwood my cousin Josh was always there
My whole entire childhood he lived right down the stairs
We were always together almost every night and day
Hanging in the basement or the backyard where we’d play
We’d spend hours playing Captain Planet or being ninja turtles
And creating elaborate obstacles with hula hoops and hurdles
We’d practice plays with both our sisters and pretend we were on stage
And then make our parents watch the shows from a very young age
As we’ve gotten older we both are doing lots of different things
But we’ll still hang out together and I’ll go watch him while he sings
Once he made me watch a show which he said was modern dance
And last year we even met for dinner while both in Paris, France
So Happy Birthday to my cousin, I wish you many more
And thanks for all the fun we had when you lived below my floor

Day 65

Josh acted like an acrobat and through the sky he would fly
But he got a broken arm whenever he would try
He would spend all his days jumping off monkey bars and swings
Sailing through the air imagining wings
But every time he landed on the hard solid ground
It would be followed by a loud cracking sound
It was always the same arm that happened to break
So the doctor had many new casts to make
His mom always said, “Josh this better be your last”
But he became known as the boy with the cast
Josh wanted his casts to be creative and fun
He would spend hours designing each and every one
His first one was orange with fiery red flames
While another had baseballs which he wore to watch games
His third one was black and as dark as the night
And the fourth was removed for being on too tight
The fifth one was filled with zigzags and lines
While the sixth one had messages where his crush wrote be mine
His seventh design was heavier than them all
Whenever Josh moved it caused him to fall
Taking it off so he could walk was great
But eventually it was time for cast number eight
This one was special it glowed neon green
It was unlike any cast that he’d ever seen
It was this one where Josh said he was done
All the flipping and flying sure had been fun
But now he had a cast that he liked the best
And he wouldn’t need any more x-rays or tests
He said this break for sure is going to be the last
All his broken bones would now be in the past
Josh’s mom was happy and let out a sigh
No more trips to the doctor! She thought she could cry
Josh believed nothing could ever top a green cast that glows
But that was only until he broke six of his toes