Day 289

Happy Birthday dear Eleanor, you’re one of the craziest kids I know
I hope you had a blast watching the ice skating princess show
I hope that on the car ride there you heard Call Me Maybe on the Mix
And that you told just everyone that today you’re turning six
Eleanor I’m sure you know that I think you’re pretty great
Just look at the number of poems about you, so far I think there’s eight
So thanks for the inspiration, you always have the funniest things to say
And Ellie I really, really hope you had the greatest of all birthday


Day 178

Happy Adoption Day to Eleanor!

Families form in many ways, there’s no right way or wrong
Sometimes they form quickly, or sometimes they take long
Some families grow overnight while others have to wait
But when those families come together it feels just like it’s fate
Five years ago today I traveled across the ocean
With your mom and sister and a variety of emotions
We couldn’t wait to meet you, but you were ours before we met
We knew that you were perfect even if we hadn’t met you yet
When we arrived in Vietnam it was the middle of the night
The three of us all stayed awake just waiting for daylight
It was early in the morning when it was time for us to go
What I was expecting, well I didn’t really know
But from the second we first saw you, your face was just all smiles
And quickly we forgot about traveling thousands of long miles
Your mom was the first to hold you, followed by Allie and then me
There was absolutely no question that this was meant to be
Back in our hotel room you never once lost your smile
Even when your mom lost her passport for a while
You thought Allie was hysterical, you laughed at her telling you a joke
You loved the taste of ice cream and your first sip of diet coke
Eleanor where you’re from is incredible, I’m amazed by all the sights we got to see
But  being in our family is right where you’re meant to be

Day 106

Ellie heard her sister’s in the Big Apple and that made her start to worry

She said Allie needed to get out of there and she really needed to hurry

“Allie can’t live in an apple” is what Ellie had to say

“I have to get her out of there, there’s got to be a way”

So Ellie thought real hard about it for just a minute or two

When an idea suddenly came to her and she knew just what to do

She decided she’d have to eat the apple way down to its core

And after eating almost all of it she’d find the secret door

Inside Allie would be living with a worm and a fly

But Ellie would come rescue her and they’d tell them both goodbye

The insects would not like that, she imagined them being kind of rude

And Ellie would tell her sister she couldn’t live inside of food

Day 63

My cousin Ellie told me she wears her snow boots to the beach
The ones that are bright purple with just a hint of peach
She told me they were stylish and that’s why she wears her boots
Then showed me all the pairs she has that match all her bathing suits
Wearing boots says Ellie, makes it easier to swim
They help her move way faster like a shark does with a fin
And wearing them in the water helps protect her feet
From all the hungry animals looking for a treat
Wearing boots in the summertime sounds insanely hot
But Ellie swears to me that it’s really actually not
Then I don’t believe her and ask if all of this is true
And that’s when Ellie said to me “I was tricking you!”