Day 183

Happy Birthday to Gracie, enjoy being seven                                                                         In 23 years you’ll be the same age as Kevin
Well not the same age, just the age he is now
That’s crazy to think, that’ll make you say wow
But how does it feel to no longer be six?
Did you wake up this morning with a new set of tricks?
Can you now walk high on stilts and grab a piece of the moon?
Or be your own star in a Disney cartoon?
Can you now be invisible or make wild animals tame?
Do you feel a lot older or are you feeling the same?
However you feel and no matter what you can or can’t do
I just wanted to say happy birthday to you!


Day 69

Gracie can be picky depending on her mood
She isn’t always willing to try all kinds of food
Depending on the time of day Gracie can be fickle
But not when it comes to eating just any kind of pickle
Gracie is a pickle lover just as much as me
A big juicy pickle is her favorite thing to see
She’ll ask for lots in restaurants and eat them one by one
And then continue ordering more when she is all done
Gracie can eat pickles every day and every night
And when she eats them all she savors every bite
To Gracie eating pickles always sounds nice
No matter if it’s a kosher dill or a large sandwich slice