Day 30

Here’s a thought that might sound absurd
But I would be a flamingo If I were a bird
A flamingo you say, you know they don’t fly
Wouldn’t you want to travel the sky?
But flying is something they actually do
I learned all about them today at the zoo
In order to fly they have to start off with a run
Which is why they don’t really fly a whole ton
When describing this animal it’s hard to pick just one word
But flamingos are definitely an elegant bird
Imagine standing up so gracefully straight
Being a flamingo would make my balance sure great
I don’t want to be a cardinal, a robin, or a bird that pecks wood
But I’d definitely be a flamingo If one day I could

Day 29

Llamas, llamas, llamas that’s the only thought inside my head
Not sure why I’m thinking of them while lying in my bed
I think I’ve actually met a llama once or twice if I recall
But I don’t particularly like them or have any opinion of them at all
It’s hard to describe a llamas look, some are weirdly hairy
Getting up close to one would make me kind of wary
Although I did a google search to learn some of their traits
And people really love them, they think llamas are pretty great
I can’t believe I’ve spent this much time with llamas on my brain
Following my random thoughts sometimes makes me sound insane
I guess that’s what happens when you let your mind just wonder
You never know exactly what your mind will start to ponder

Day 28

When I need to feel inspired, just what do I do?
I travel to different places like the airport or the zoo
And when I’m there I look around and just what do I see?
All kinds of inspiration staring back at me
From the birds flying in the air to the pages of a book
Ideas can come from everywhere if you just take a look
So you keep your eyes wide open and take a look around
You never know where you next idea might be found

Day 15

The band the Empty Pockets
Want to play for you
They will play just anywhere
Even at the zoo
Listen to their music and enjoy the sound
Whenever you do hear it
You’ll get up and dance around
Josh, Erika, Nate, and Danny, that is them by name
Soon you’ll hear them everywhere
As they find success and fame