Day 86

Well tonight I completed another great run
I think it’s the fourth one this summer I’ve done
It was 5 miles long otherwise known as 8k
And we celebrated the holiday called Bastille Day
It was Allie’s first race since being back on her feet
And after crossing the start line she sped off down the street
I had no desire to try and run at her speed
Out of our little group she was definitely in the lead
She ran 7 1/2 minute miles which I think is fast
You’d never have guessed she spent so much time in a cast
But all three of us finished and didn’t care at what place
Overall I’d say it was a pretty great race


Day 52

I’m running a half marathon and I’m a little bit scared
I’m running tomorrow and I’m not well prepared
My feet might end blistered and my knees just might ache
Who knows how long running 13.1 miles will take
But when the race starts I plan to just take off and go
Hopefully running fast and not overly slow
It’s gonna be hot running right in the sun
So please wish me luck on finishing this run