Day 289

Happy Birthday dear Eleanor, you’re one of the craziest kids I know
I hope you had a blast watching the ice skating princess show
I hope that on the car ride there you heard Call Me Maybe on the Mix
And that you told just everyone that today you’re turning six
Eleanor I’m sure you know that I think you’re pretty great
Just look at the number of poems about you, so far I think there’s eight
So thanks for the inspiration, you always have the funniest things to say
And Ellie I really, really hope you had the greatest of all birthday


Day 184

Another celebration is happening on this very date
Abbie’s an entire year older, today she turns eight
I just can’t believe it, time really does fly
Everyone’s getting older in the blink of an eye
Abbie I think eight will be a great age for you
And I know you’ll be successful in whatever you do
Maybe you’ll read every book ever written on Earth
Or be on a game show guessing how much items are worth
Maybe you’ll meet up with Grace while both walking on stilts
And you’ll catch one another if one of you tilts
Maybe you’ll slide down a rainbow into a pot full of gold
And then write a book about being eight years old
Of course I just made all those things up so don’t listen to what I have to say
Other than I hope that you have the happiest birthday

Day 183

Happy Birthday to Gracie, enjoy being seven                                                                         In 23 years you’ll be the same age as Kevin
Well not the same age, just the age he is now
That’s crazy to think, that’ll make you say wow
But how does it feel to no longer be six?
Did you wake up this morning with a new set of tricks?
Can you now walk high on stilts and grab a piece of the moon?
Or be your own star in a Disney cartoon?
Can you now be invisible or make wild animals tame?
Do you feel a lot older or are you feeling the same?
However you feel and no matter what you can or can’t do
I just wanted to say happy birthday to you!

Day 129

I’m grateful for every single cousin I’ve got

And if you count them all it’s really a lot

I think my cousin Sasha is one of the best

But that doesn’t mean I think any less of the rest

For my cousins that read this you’re all awesome too

And when it’s your birthday I’ll write your own poem for you

But today it’s Sasha’s and we’re celebrating her birth

So I’m reminiscing about our time together on Earth

So Sasha I hope you enjoy this poem later tonight

I never realized I had just so much to write

I love how your mom is a real fan of our bond

I hope you know that’s something that I also am fond

It started to form way back in the day

When every weekend we’d get together to play

Lots of the games that we played might sound strange to others

But we especially loved it when they bothered your brothers

A few times we pretended to have a radio show on air

And we once got in a fight after you did my hair

All these years later I apologize for that just so you know

It was after that fight that we learned to plateau

We liked to take pictures where both of us would pose

I still remember when you called me about piercing your nose

There’s been a whole lot of concerts that we’ve both got to see

Including Counting Crows and Matt Nathanson, and of course BSB

Remember asking to sleep over at my house your dad always said no?

But he never had a problem at your house so that’s where we’d go

So I spent many nights sleeping on your bedroom floor

On what looked like a dog bed right by your door

Of course I must mention our cookie baking every year

Where all we try to do is spread some holiday cheer

Especially to your brother who acts like a grinch

When our NSYNC Christmas music causes him to flinch

It’s nice to know that some things just don’t change

And some of the things we do are still kind of strange

So Sasha Happy Birthday, I’m glad you’re my cousin and friend

And I hope you know you’re stuck with me right ’til the end

Day 38

Tonight I went to dinner at Ed Debevics the diner
The company I went with couldn’t have been any finer
I went with a few counsins and one of my sibs
And sang happy birthday to Daniel who enjoyed a plate full of ribs
It had been a long time since I had eaten at  Ed’s
So the waiter gave us all hats to wear on our heads
I was told to dress like a hipster, it was the theme of the night
Between the hats and the glasses our group was a sight
Zack and Sarah together looked a little like mimes
The night was a success, we all had a great time

Day 32

( I realize it’s not Sarah’s Birthday but I can’t think tonight)

Sarah you’ve been around for 18 whole years
And along with aging comes lots of new fears
Like worrying about getting a ridiculous gobble
The loosening of your neck, making skin wobble
That’s a legitimate concern and you know it’s one of mine
And even if people tell you your neck will be fine
That’s something no one can really ever know
A gobble could appear fast or could come on a bit slow
I’m not saying it’s going to happen tomorrow or even at all
Especially if you peck out your neck while standing up tall
You’ve never seen a gobble on a giraffe
Now that’s a sight that would sure make you laugh
But because they straighten their necks and hold them up high
The gobble’s just pass them all right on by
So think giraffe not turkey and hope for the best
Pecking it out will take care of the rest
But don’t worry too much, at least not for 64 years
Till then we’lll both have to control our sagging neck fears
So take my advice and listen to what I have to say
And have the most excellent of all 18th birthday