Day 106

Ellie heard her sister’s in the Big Apple and that made her start to worry

She said Allie needed to get out of there and she really needed to hurry

“Allie can’t live in an apple” is what Ellie had to say

“I have to get her out of there, there’s got to be a way”

So Ellie thought real hard about it for just a minute or two

When an idea suddenly came to her and she knew just what to do

She decided she’d have to eat the apple way down to its core

And after eating almost all of it she’d find the secret door

Inside Allie would be living with a worm and a fly

But Ellie would come rescue her and they’d tell them both goodbye

The insects would not like that, she imagined them being kind of rude

And Ellie would tell her sister she couldn’t live inside of food


Day 103

There’s a place that I’ve always wanted to go
And it’s to see the Ellen DeGeneres show
I think Ellen is funny, humble, and kind
Watching her show is a great way to unwind
Ellen lives with compassion and everyone should take her advice
She believes the world can be changed by just being nice
Her tv show is great, she’s the worlds best host
Ellen’s also the celebrity I admire the most
I love her outlook on life and how she’s not afraid to take chances
I love watching her pranks and also her dances
Seeing Ellen in person is something I’d love to go do
Hopefully one day this dream will come true

Day 91

Sometimes it’s hard to think of new topics to write
And tonight it appears to be one of those nights
My mind’s drawing a blank and not really thinking
I’ve just been staring ahead without even blinking
So if you have an idea could you please let me know
Cause this challenge still has a lot longer to go

Day 82

I love when people are genuinely kind
It’s a quality that can sometimes be hard to find
Yesterday I met a cab driver who was amazingly nice
When we asked for a ride he didn’t think twice
He just said of course he’d be happy to drive
Even though he was done working at five
And while driving he had to listen to us blab
While the three of us sat in the back of his cab
Occasionally he chimed in with a comment or two
I wish I knew his name to recommend him to you
But he got us to the concert to see Kenny and Tim
And now all future drivers will be compared to him
It’s funny how something small can change your whole day
It just goes to show that kindness can go a long way

Day 72

I have an uncle Eric who’s one of the strongest guys I know
Even when in pain he rarely lets it show
Recently he’s been sick and hasn’t been feeling well at all
But he’s still been hard at work for his camp called Rustic Falls
It’s amazing how he keeps on going and perseveres right on through
Coming up with new ideas and things he wants to do
Right now he has to take a break from work that he finds fun
Like digging holes for waterfalls and moving rocks that weigh a ton
Eric is someone you might describe as being a go-getter
And with his camp he’s definitely making this world a little better

Day 57

Patrick I want to thank you for inspiring me tonight
You gave me a great idea when I was struggling to write
I’m definitely going to save it and use it another day
Once I figure out exactly what I want to say
Great minds think alike I’ve heard, but I don’t think that’s true
The way you think creatively is what’s special about you
So thanks again for all your help, I appreciate it a lot
And would love to hear any more ideas that you may have got

Day 50

I can’t believe this challenge is now on the 50th day
Who would ever have thought I had just so much to say
Some days are harder than others, I do have to admit
But there’s still 10 more months left so I definitely can’t quit
I just want to say a quick thank you to everyone reading all these poems
And I’ll for sure continue writing them from the comfort of my home

Day 42

I woke up this morning to my blog on the net
I was a little bit worried, not sure what response I would get
Would people be interested in reading a new poem a day?
Or actually care about what I have to say?
I’ve always been nervous letting people read what I write
In fact that thought really gives me a fright
But I guess this is one way to conquer my fear
By letting people read my poems for a year
So all I can hope is people give this blog a quick glance
While I keep writing poems, I’m taking a chance

Day 34

No one can ever tell you not to be you
Just go out in the world and do what you do
Find your passion, make magic, be all that you are
Believing in yourself will help you go far
Go out in the world and follow your dreams
No matter how crazy or outlandish they seem
Don’t be discouraged if something doesn’t work out
Trying new things is what life’s all about
So please have some fun and try not to worry
And don’t live your life in an awfully big hurry
Take a few chances, make your own fate
Whatever you do, you’re sure to be great