Day 121

Tonight we finally celebrated all the graduates of the year

And all of them left the party fully stocked with lots of gear

Like duffel bags and towels, blankets and picture frames

And of course they each got checks written out in all their names

The graduates are all moving forward and going on to better things

But everyone’s excited to see what the future brings


Day 40

I have a cousin Dana who lives kinda far away
So when we talk to one another, we both have lots to say
She’s definitely someone I wish I could always see
But I get very excited when she comes to visit me
We’ve always only seen each other once or twice a year
And I’m usually giving her reasons why she should move out over here
Although I know she couldn’t do that, she’s too scared of the cold
She’s always been like that, well at least since 4 years old
Now she’s moving to North Carolina where she promised she’ll have a pool
While she spends the next few years studying social work at school
The two of us together, have future plans that are great
We’re both really excited, they’ll definitely be worth the wait