Day 13

It’s cold and I’m freezing and don’t know what to do
It’s cold and I’m freezing- my lips are turning blue
My teeth are a chatter, my toes are all numb
I’ve lost complete feeling in my right handed thumb
My nose feels like ice and my ears are bright red
How I wish I was home covered up in my bed
I’m seriously worried my face will freeze in this pout
If someone doesn’t open this freezer and let me on out

Day 9

I really want to go home, that’s all I have to say
I really want to go home, don’t want to work today
I’d rather be at home alone sleeping in my bed
Planting in my garden, or standing on my head
You know those days that feel like they last about a year?
I’d really rather be anywhere else but over here
The day is dragging on and on- never going to end
No one’s here to talk to. No dog, no cat, no friend
I’m sorry for complaining, but there’s nothing else to do
Thanks for understanding, I’ll always complain to you