Day 78

It’s Independence Day also known as the 4th of July
So fireworks were everywhere lighting the sky
My family watched fireworks through lots of large trees
Up on the roof where Bob plans to keep bees
The 4th is always a day for picnics and fun
And usually a day off for most everyone
Games are played like croquet and ring toss
While waving the flag to honor Betsy Ross
Jefferson, Adams, and Franklin are important today too
Because of them we celebrate with Red, White, and Blue
In 1776 a declaration was written
Because America wanted independence from Britian
Those were three of the men who actually signed
And the document quickly became one of a kind
Ever since then we’ve celebrated this day
Living quite free in the U.S. of A


Day 77

It used to be on every 3rd of July
Fireworks would light up the Chicago sky
People would come from everywhere
To watch the display from a boat or a chair
Sasha’s family always went and would bring me with too
It was always a really fun thing to do
Sasha’s mom would drive us to where her dad worked
And driving in traffic always made her feel irked
But once we’d arrive Sasha and I had a game we would play
Pretending to work in the office at the end of the day
We’d call our own meetings and use each office phone
Sometimes her brother would play so we weren’t always alone
But when the fireworks would start we would not make a sound
As we watched from the windows that we’d all gather around
The fireworks were loud and the colors were bright
And the city looked awesome lit up during the night
But now there’s no longer a July 3rd show
So everyone has to find a new place to go