Day 191

I have a few congratulations to say
To Angela and Kevin who had a baby today
And to Megan and Ryan who had a baby too
Not born today but their baby’s still new
Angelina and Eva were born 11 days apart
And I’m sure they’ll get along right from the start
I’m sure everyone I mentioned is feeling pure joy
My family keeps growing with more girls than boys


Day 188

Bob we’re all hoping you get well really soon
So you can sing your favorite campfire tune
The one with the long name that no one really knows
And when people sing along aren’t really sure how it goes
You know the song that I mean about the guy Eddie that fell
And somehow strangely ended up in a well
How did it happen? did he slip after it rained?
The more that I think about it, the more I need it explained
If it did rain, I’d think the well would be wetter
Bob I have a few questions when you’re feeling much better

Day 131

I learned something shocking that I really need to tell

Zachary my brother, has never seen Saved by the Bell

He said it was on before his time and reminded me he’s eighteen

And that’s one of the reasons it’s a show he’s never seen

But I can’t believe he’s hasn’t seen any episodes, not even a single one

To me that’s unbelievable with how often the show’s rerun

It’s on TBS every morning and the entire series is on Netflix

So he can choose the season he wants to watch , I think there’s five or six

But every time I ask him he refuses saying no

Telling me he has no interest in watching this great show

I recently have decided I can’t let this go on being true

And before he leaves for college, watching Saved by the Bell is something he must do

Day 129

I’m grateful for every single cousin I’ve got

And if you count them all it’s really a lot

I think my cousin Sasha is one of the best

But that doesn’t mean I think any less of the rest

For my cousins that read this you’re all awesome too

And when it’s your birthday I’ll write your own poem for you

But today it’s Sasha’s and we’re celebrating her birth

So I’m reminiscing about our time together on Earth

So Sasha I hope you enjoy this poem later tonight

I never realized I had just so much to write

I love how your mom is a real fan of our bond

I hope you know that’s something that I also am fond

It started to form way back in the day

When every weekend we’d get together to play

Lots of the games that we played might sound strange to others

But we especially loved it when they bothered your brothers

A few times we pretended to have a radio show on air

And we once got in a fight after you did my hair

All these years later I apologize for that just so you know

It was after that fight that we learned to plateau

We liked to take pictures where both of us would pose

I still remember when you called me about piercing your nose

There’s been a whole lot of concerts that we’ve both got to see

Including Counting Crows and Matt Nathanson, and of course BSB

Remember asking to sleep over at my house your dad always said no?

But he never had a problem at your house so that’s where we’d go

So I spent many nights sleeping on your bedroom floor

On what looked like a dog bed right by your door

Of course I must mention our cookie baking every year

Where all we try to do is spread some holiday cheer

Especially to your brother who acts like a grinch

When our NSYNC Christmas music causes him to flinch

It’s nice to know that some things just don’t change

And some of the things we do are still kind of strange

So Sasha Happy Birthday, I’m glad you’re my cousin and friend

And I hope you know you’re stuck with me right ’til the end

Day 127

I let Norah paint my nails even though she’s only three

And while painting she was neater than I could ever be

She was very careful and made sure to cover every spot

And the time she took to paint them really was a lot

I rarely paint my nails but Norah asked me if she could

And when she was all done with them they looked pretty good

So now I have peach polish on my fingers and sparkly purple on each toe

And I’ve been getting comments on them everywhere I go

Norah, getting dolled up

Day 125

My grandpa says he’s had such a wonderful life

And how lucky he was to have my grandma for a wife

He says she didn’t love cooking and wasn’t the best at the stove

And in her eighty-five years she never once drove

But together they explored the world both near and far

And spent their honeymoon traveling around in a car

Throughout all the years my grandparents family expanded

And all these years later it’s never disbanded

I’ve never seen two people more in love with each other

Then I did when I looked at my grandfather and mother

My grandpa believes it was fate the day he met Kay

And they exchanged wedding vows 63 years ago today

Grandpa and Grandma, 1949

Day 124

Swimming in the pool Annie raced her cousin Zack
They swam the length of the pool which was to the wall and back
And on the way across the water Zack was in the lead
But Annie was catching up to him as she increased her speed
One thing to remember is that compared to Annie Zack is tall
So of course he was the first one to finish and reach the wall
And when the race was over Zack said he felt something in his hand
He wasn’t sure what exactly but thought it was an animal that lived on land
Zack exclaimed to all of us “I think I just picked up a bird that’s dead”
“No way, it’s just a leaf” is what his cousin Patrick said
With a little closer inspection it turned out it was a chipmunk
It must have fallen in the water where sadly it had sunk
There was lots of screaming and also yells and shouts
While everyone in the water scrambled to get out
Everyone jumped out of the pool in a way that seemed lightning fast
No one wanted to be in the water and definitely not in there last
Patrick had to be the one to fish the animal out with a net
While Ellie commented on how she thought a chipmunk would make a good pet
When the animal came out of the water though the kids all said goodbye
And Zack declared he never wanted to touch a dead animal wet or dry

Day 123

Allie left for New York real early in the day

She left around 4 a.m to get up on her way

She’s moving there for grad school where she’s going to be a writer

Her car was filled to the limit, I don’t think she could have packed it any tighter

It’s a long drive to New York and I’m sure it was a tight fit

There was barely any room in back for Allie and Katie to sit

Allie’s family is going to miss her but they know she will do great

And her sisters can’t wait to visit while she lives in another state

Day 122

Daniel asked me to write a haiku
Because it’s not something I usually do
I thought that was interesting so I gave it a try
But after I wrote it I told that poem goodbye
I hope this news doesn’t cause Daniel to pout
But honestly writing a haiku just didn’t work out
One day I may try it again, I really just might
But for now I’ll continue with the poems I already write

Day 121

Tonight we finally celebrated all the graduates of the year

And all of them left the party fully stocked with lots of gear

Like duffel bags and towels, blankets and picture frames

And of course they each got checks written out in all their names

The graduates are all moving forward and going on to better things

But everyone’s excited to see what the future brings