Day 355

Erin I’m sorry I missed your party, I hope that you had fun
We’ll have to do it again next year when you’re turning thirty one
I really wanted to be there to celebrate with you
Even if having a party is not what you wanted to do
But these headaches sometimes just hit me at the most inopportune times
Like when it’s my cousins birthday or when I’m writing rhymes
So right now I’m sitting in the dark with this gel thing on my head
But I’d much rather be at your party celebrating instead


Day 354

Don’t let me fall asleep
I have a challenge to complete
Less then two weeks left to go
But right now my brain is moving slow
As it’s been doing the last few days
With my thoughts all going in different ways
I don’t even know what this poem’s about
But I have to tough this out
And write a little bit more
To finish poem three hundred fifty four

Day 352

I put a message in a bottle and tossed it in the sea
Hoping that someday soon a response would get back to me
Or maybe I’d rather get a response many years from now
So that when I open it up, all I can say is "wow!"
I’m afraid that I can’t tell you exactly what I wrote
But if you are curious look out for bottles that can float
And if you’re the lucky one to read what I have to say
Please don’t forget to send a response message my way
It doesn’t have to be sent to me in a bottle with a cork
In fact I wouldn’t mind it if it was delivered by a stork

Day 350

I’ve never met an orangutan that I didn’t like
Or have come across a platypus dressed like my cousin Mike
I’ve never seen a walrus fly high like superman
And I’ve never heard an Ostrich play drums on a tin can
I’ve never seen a snake slither in one straight line
Or have seen an armadillo skate with a porcupine
I’ve never seen extra eyes growing on a yak
And I’ve never seen a hedgehog paint all his nails black
I’ve never seen a sea otter climb up an apple tree
And I’ve never seen a starfish drink a cup of tea
I’ve never watched a unicorn streak his hair bright green
Can you tell me something that you have never seen?

Day 349

My bed is on the ceiling, my fan is on the floor
And all that’s left are hinges where I should have a door
I’m not sure what is happening, but all my clocks have disappeared
Something strange is going on here, something rather weird
I don’t know what the time is, is it late or early?
And now why is my straight hair suddenly so curly?
Am I going crazy? Or is this just a dream?
Did I somehow get zapped by an ailen laser beam?
Right now I need a new clock, a new door and some tools
Wait, I was just reminded- happy April Fools

Day 348

Happy Easter Sunday to all who celebrate
I hope your day was filled with jellybeans that all tasted great
Or filled with chocolate if that’s what you prefer
Delivered by a bunny covered all in fur
I spent the day with family where we had visit from the Easter bunny
And the kids all had an egg hunt filled with candy and some money
I really like this holiday, everyone wears colors that are bright
Now I hope everyone’s enjoying the rest of Easter night

Day 347

There’s a whale in my bathtub, you wouldn’t believe his size
I won him at a carnival, he was the first prize
My parents were a little concerned when they saw my pet
They asked me lots of questions like how big would he get
I didn’t have any answers because I really didn’t know
If my whale would get bigger, or how much he would grow
So I told them not to worry, having a whale will be cool
And if he gets much bigger we’d just build him a pool