Day 365!

It’s time to shout, it’s time to cheer
I’ve written a poem everyday for a year!
And maybe officially there’s nothing I get
Other then the satisfaction of winning this bet
But I think that satisfaction is very well earned
So let me just tell you a few things that I learned
First I learned it’s important to take life one day at a time
And that things are exciting when you think more in rhyme
It can be overwhelmingly daunting looking too far ahead
Making you want to do nothing but curl up in your bed
But never this year did I feel like I wouldn’t succeed
And now I’ve got 365 poems I can read
I also learned not to care so much what others might think
Some poems might be a hit while others might sink
At the beginning I was nervous to let people read the poems I would write
But that didn’t stop me from writing them night after night
I learned procrastination makes me stay up super late
Trying to cram a poem in before the end of the date
Sometimes I was pulling topics right out of the air
And many poems were finished with just seconds to spare
Thinking of topics kept me on my toes
And I learned just how fast a year really goes
I learned writing each day never once felt like a chore
And I plan to continue writing lots more
Maybe not a poem everyday but often enough
That my rhyming abilities won’t become rough
I’m so, so appreciative of my family and friends
Who have read all this poetry from the start to the end
I’ve loved this challenge and it sure has been fun
And now I can’t believe all 365 poems are all done


4 thoughts on “Day 365!

  1. Thanks Rachel! I read every one of them and enjoyed them so much! You’ve got a great talent! Are you considering writing a children’s book of poems? You have the skill and imagination of Dr Suess!

    • Rachel- I am so proud of your dedictation and talent. You always amaze me but every day for a whole year- come on -you are not only talented but your perservence is unbelievable. I love you and cannot wait to buy the book. Congratulations on your hard work!!! Love you!

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