Day 359

Patrick prefers pizza, particularly pineapple                                                          Sarah sips soda, she sometimes sips Snapple
Eleanor eats everything except electrical eels
Marjorie makes many meatless morning meals
William wants waffles when wildly waiting                                                              Daniel devours doughnuts during doubly dating                                                       Colleen craves cookies, can’t consume chocolate chips                                                 Terry tries tofu, taking Tim’s tasting tips                                                                 Brian buys butter before Bob brings blueberry bread                                                   Rosie roasts radishes remembering recipes read                                                      Olivia owns olives, opening oodles                                                                             Norah never, needs nightly noodles                                                                       Grace gobbles grapes, grapes get Gracie gazing                                                  Abbie’s appetite allows apples, apples are always amazing                                          Writing this has been hard, I have to stop here with the letters                                     But one day I’ll come back and make this poem much better


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