Day 214

Dear Grandma,
Tomorrow’s the anniversary of you being gone a whole year
It’s still hard to believe that you’re no longer here
You’re thought about each and every day
And I still hear your voice and imagine what you might say
About things in our family or just about life
Grandpa says I had the best grandma and he had the best wife
I have to agree with him, that’s 100 percent true
But that’s no surprise, It’s something I already knew
Hundreds of others seem to know that as well
Seeing the crowd at the benefit that was sure easy to tell
You made a difference in so many lives, way too many to list
And I just want you to know you’re unbelievably missed
This year things have been different, at times even strange
But the strength of our family is something that never will change
There’s been lots of sadness and lots of pure joy
You have three new great grandkids, two girls and a boy
So many other things happened throughout this past year
And all of us wish you still could be here
You and grandpa made this family great right from the start
I miss you lots grandma, you live in all of our hearts


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